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Gerra G & Luana Godin reimagine ‘Padê Onã’

Showcasing strong traces of organic house and downtempo with an afro-brazilian spice.

DJ and producer Gerra G has linked up with vocalist Luana Godin for a new collaborative single in ‘Padê Onã’. The recording is already available to stream and purchase across all major digital platforms via Gatopardo.

Initially composed by Douglas Germano, and with clear nods to Brazil’s candomblé, Gerra G and Luana Godin’s take on ‘Padê Onã’ delivering a lush and sultry remake that elevates the piece to new heights with arresting melodies and captivating vocal performance. ‘Padê Onã’ refers to a protective chant that “asks the orixás to open paths and protection, and represents this mixture between religious symbolism and the Brazilian daily music life.“

Listen to Gerra G & Luana Godin’s take on ‘Padê Onã’ below.

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