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Get Physical explores Berlin on its latest compilation

The label explores the sounds of the German capital city.

For years, Get Physical has been dedicated to providing a window into local music scenes, including South Africa, India, Brazil. On this occasion, the record company will release the album ‘Berlin Gets Physical Vol. 1’, featuring a variety of underground artists.

The tracks chosen for this album were compiled by Reno Wurzbacher, who for years has been a key artist on the German scene. Among the artists chosen by the compiler are Christophe Linke, Sander Bohlen, Sascha Rydell and many more.

“I did not want to portray only one genre with this compilation but show as many facets of house and techno as possible. I wanted to start very soft and deep, then go on over to some “danceable” house tracks, dub techno and ultimately end up with ruff, but groovy techno. I think I did quite well with this compilation. At least I hope so.

On the one hand, I had a look into my own network and asked befriended producers. Then I reached out to artists that I may not know personally, but whose music I really like, such as Baaz. And after that, I searched for artists who might not be so well known yet but still produce extremely good music. Etur Usheo is someone like that. For me, one of the biggest talents in the house area”, Reno Wurzbacher commented.

‘Berlin Gets Physical Vol. 1’ will be available on August 23rd. Grab your copy here.

Listen to the minimix below.

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