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Get Physical Music label turned 17 on the banks of Watergate Club

Photos Credits: GoodBy Productions

A night that gathered past, present and future body-language moves onshore…

Getting in the groove of a Berlin partying night can turn into a completely different experience depending on the place, the people and the music.

In order to sum up the vibe of Get Physical Music’s recent highlight that took place last Saturday on the Kreuzberg banks of the Spree river, it’s fair to agree with the founders of one of the world’s best-known labels: “the name says it all”. Get Physical is about what resurfaces on two of the imprint key series: ‘Body Language’ and ‘Full Body Workout’, that means to celebrate the power of music in the human body, mind & soul. In short, it’s just about pure energy.

This time Get Physical Music honored its 17th anniversary by launching a new compilation and hosting a party at Watergate Club / Berlin. Like every year, many of its artists meet with the Berlin crowd in September to bear witness to the labels’ DNA. The tone of the night remained corporeal, intense and moving from the beginning to the end of the party. At the same time, the variety did not jeopardize the grooving atmosphere.

Every group has its story and seventeen years is enough time for everything to happen, independent of the context. In the case of Get Physical, the roots are clear and from 2002 to the actual date, it has increasingly incorporated a huge range of artists under its wing. For its managers, this ramification protects the label from genres or style pigeonholes. At the end of the day, it’s about creating atmospheres and promoting motion.

The seasoned line-up, although some gigs were a bit short for the local hunger for music, the catchy main recipe always hold on decks. The melodic Norwegian Mikkas (also known as Djuma Soundsystem) opened the ground floor with full creative intensity like the young Italian Cioz did it with the one above. Despite the risk involved in all live electronic performances, the South African songwriter and producer Ryan Murgatroyd and the Swedish singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Sjödin (aka Sailor & I) made a great Live-set, tuned with the intense and moving atmosphere.

The musical menu didn’t end there. Hanging on some of the club’s grey walls, a white sheet was announcing many great performances throughout all night and both dance floors remained super packed up to late. Just stepping on the Main Floor between two and half past three in the morning, DJ T.’s electro-funk beats and infectious rhythms compelled to move through the tight human mass till the heart of the DJ Booth. The shadow of his slender figure stepped out as it happens with the Berlin TV Tower from different angles of the City of Techno and Electronic Music. However, here is not so much about looking at, but let the body go with the flow…

After that two acclaimed presentations came into the scene: the Canadian Blond:ish and the guys from the Berlin-based groovy duo Stereo.type (George Mahoney and Bryan Reynold, originate from the UK and Ireland respectively). Also, the young blood and newcomers within the label such as Yulia Niko contributed to creating the perfect atmosphere for such a celebration.

In particular, two key performances can be highlighted. With body language heroes like Thomas Koch (aka DJ T.) and Patrick Bodmer (aka M.A.N.D.Y.) on decks, with enough resources to manage any top dance floor, forest or desert, the audience kept smiling, heated and grateful with that DJ- Pulpit grooves.

Going down from one of the staggered platforms of the main dance floor, towards the one on the ground one, we are approaching the end…

Just one more.

The “after” or last DJ-set is carried out always at the Waterfloor. Instead of a back-to-back, this time the end was faced just by Emanuel Satie. When this happens, normally the act of trust comes in hand with a very good result. And that’s how the German DJ and producer was the one that played the longest, from grandiloquent melodies, some oriental and circus sounds, closing with three breaking news:

✓ Âme – No War
✓ Tunnelvisions – Rain Dance
✓ Eagles and Butterflies – The Last Dance

From a panoramic perspective all music selections and performances suited Get Physical DNA’s very well: club compatibility was an absolute must, and all DJs hit the nerve of the boiling dance floor. Beyond tastes and styles, all got the audience into the rhythm…

Buy and stream 17 Years Get Physical Compilation here.

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