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Get Physical releases two Ricardo Villalobos remixes (Audio)

Based on Reboot’s ‘Are you Losing my Mind?’ track.

Berlin-based label Get Physical  just released a couple of Ricardo Vilallobos remixes based on Reboot’s original ‘Are you Losing my Mind?’.

Both tracks have Villalobos’ particular style,  with over 20-minutes each, into two different versions. First one ‘Hauswiedermischung’, creating a kind of chaos in which the track lives without ever losing the groove and with plenty of little surprises to discover throughout. And the second one ‘Losing my Miles’ remix, a version where he really loosens the grip on the track and lets it wander in and out of coherence, taking it and us along for a special ride.

Reboot – Are You Loosing My Mind (Ricardo Villalobos Remixes) are already available on Get Physical Music. Grab your copy here.

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