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Giangi Cappai – Better Life – OGU Records

The latest release by OGU Records is highlighted by the much-anticipated return of label boss, Giangi Cappai. Linking up with regular collaborator Nia Martin, the pair set commands for a ‘Better Life’ with the release of their new EP. Complete with its own ‘Club Mix’, and a gripping remix by Blessed Cross-associate Foby, Giangi Cappai’s ‘Better Life’ goes beyond the music, and sets itself apart with a compelling statement.

In its ‘Original Mix’, ‘Better Life’ is an uplifting call to arms in a rally for greener pastures, where every key is filled with desire and wishful thinking. While absolutely grandiose arrangements decorate every twist and turn with grace and infectious energy, the centerpiece here is the voice of Nia Martin, inviting us to reach for everything we ever wanted as Gigangi takes the steering wheel and sets off for the racetracks with a powerful, sugar-coated lead that blazes with optimism at every corner. It’s a most welcomed adrenaline rush designed for the modern festival stages.

For the ‘Club Mix’ a more robust frame takes hold, ready to drift away at full speed into the endless night with razor-sharp hats and its acidic mid highs that lead the line with complete aplomb, ready to battle for a better tomorrow. A most needed exo-suit for the hardest of tasks, Giangi’s ‘Club Mix’ veers into a dystopian storyline with its grit and sheer raw power, converting Martin’s vocals into a more minimalistic battle cry.

Rolling over a skittish beat, Foby’s take completes the package, treading over dancefloors with a throbbing bassline and Nia Martin’s silky vocals. Streamlined for the darker, progressive mainstage, electric synth lines run wild, intertwining with iridescent colors and textures for a spellbinding reinterpretation.

Listen to Giangi Cappai & Nia Martin’s ‘Better Life’ below, and purchase your copy of the EP here.


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