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Giangi Cappai – Emme (Orchestra Remixes) – OGU Records

A self-declared citizen of the world, Gigangi Cappai has a long road beneath his soles. Having first topped the Italian and European charts back in 1997 as ‘Alma Matris’, his track ‘Musica Electrica/Rumore Chimico’ was eventually re-released by New Yorker Star 69, thus cementing his status as a deep-tech tribal heavyweight. Fast forward, and now Cappai runs his own labels: Blessed Cross Records, alongside his associate Foby. Conceived in 2019, his new label ranges from deep to progressive house, created with the purpose to release high-quality tunes; and OGU Records, which delves in electronica and sound research, giving options and access to an exceptionally wide range of talent. 

It is through OGU Records that Cappai sets sail once again, this time offering a remix package for ‘Emme’.  A dynamic melodic techno cut in its original form, 2019’s ‘Emme’ is brimming with power and energy, as it treads between the light and the shadows. Now, the track goes under the knife of the Italian artist once again for a ‘Beatless Cello Mix’ and the ‘Giangi Cappai & Antonello Manca Orchestra Remix’, while Foby presents a club-ready prowler.

In the opening track, Blessed Cross associate Foby, reimagines ‘Emme’ on the deeper side, providing a more robust frame built on an infectious low end and reverb-drenched percussions that take the song into darker territory without ever falling into the black abyss. It’s only for a few moments that Foby lets ‘Emme’’s sultry keys free fall, but their purpose in providing contrast and an unexpected sense of beauty feels monumental, and proves to be one of the EP’s most memorable bits.

The second new vision for ‘Emme’ comes from Giangi himself, who delivers a sultry version of the orchestral song in his ‘Beatless Cello Mix’, as the original lines emerge from a long slumber, regaining their senses. It’s a warm embrace as limbs stretch out for the first time in what feels like forever.

Closing out the remix package is Giangi Cappai & Antonello Manca’s Orchestra Remix, with its gorgeous string section that pulls the silk veil from our eyes, as free-soaring keys draw lines in the clear blue skies, captivating our attention before we’re all swept up by a marching groove in a mesmerizing cinematic soundtrack. An even grander breakdown will have us bear witness to a heavenly choir that breathes new life into the composition, that once again strolls into Valhalla as the gates open in anticipation of our arrival.

Opening ‘Emme’ to new worlds, the remix package becomes a fundamental piece in showcasing the scope of the original song, as well as the endless possibilities that a different lens can offer. With class and distinction throughout, this new EP feels like a favorite snowglobe. The one we can’t wait to shake again.

Giangi Cappai’s ‘Emme (Orchestra Remixes)’ is out now via OGU Records. Purchase your copy here.

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