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Giles et Diego – House Family – Shamanistik Records

Via Belgian imprint Shamanistik Records, Giles et Diego unveil their first sonic outing with the drop of their ‘House Family’ EP. A collection of four new original cuts, ‘House Family’ showcases their mastery of house music production in every track for an astounding debut record that is a bold statement from the French duo.

Opening Giles et Diego’s ‘House Family’ EP, heavy-handed drums break ground before we’re swept in the groove of ‘LOLA’ and her recoiling bassline and sultry synthetic blips. Gliding effortlessly, Giles et Diego find themselves in full swing as they drop the beat and soar over iridescent reflective textures only to collide against them and resume their unstoppable march into electronic bliss.

Up next, a smoldering groove burns slowly over reverb-drenched percussions and melodic one-shots fill the air with a sense of darkness and mystery. Expertly biding their time, Giles et Diego decorate ‘PABLO’ with a guitar-sounding Wurlitzer that takes centerstage leading up to the drop, drawing captivating shapes in mid-air before the bassline takes hold again, thrusting us into the fires as we consume ourselves in the shadows.

In the third act, the French duo introduces us to ‘JULIA’. A buoyant creation with its own gravitational pull, ‘JULIA’ features a meandering synth line that revolves and contorts around the track’s core. Boasting a unique structure, the creation playfully introduces new elements at each stop as they latch on to us, dancing around in perfect synchronicity and creating a sense of wonder with every turn.

Wrapping up the EP, steady yet carefree, ‘LEA’ introduces itself as a fully formed groove built on restrained percussive motifs before a self-conscious voice fills the air with doubt. As these poignant words traverse, ‘LEA’ keeps on flourishing with sultry changes and wailing samples that echo behind a broken memory before luring us down to a time-stopping breakdown where rousing vocals linger as the beat slowly creeps up for another round. Deep in the haze, ‘LEA’ returns with heady, narcotic vocals in an unforgettable fashion that elevate the piece to higher grounds, making it one of the standouts on ‘House Family’.

A lush outing from Giles et Diego, their ‘House Family’ EP paints a phenomenal and vivid picture that exemplifies the pair’s elegant yet robust sound as they traverse through a gamut of different genres and sounds in a bid to get the dancefloor going.

Giles et Diego’s ‘House Family’ EP is out now via Shamanistik Records. Purchase your copy here.

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