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Giorgia Angiuli shares details of her new studio album ‘Quantum Love’

Listen to the first single, ‘Hanuman’.

Giorgia Angiuli has shared the news of her incoming album, ‘Quantum Love’. The record will feature 13 new original cuts, and will be available via her own UNITED imprint on November 26th.

According to Angiuli, ‘Quantum Love’ is ‘an eclectic work including piano downtempo tracks and techno melodic tracks with ethereal vocals’, and finds the multi-instrumentalist having made the most out of lockdown, as Einstein’s ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ led her to explore quantum physics, while her first India tour inspired ongoing interest in sound meditation and philosophy, culminating in the LP.

In line with the announcement, Angiuli also shared a glimpse into ‘Quantum Love’ as she shared ‘Hanuman’, its first single.

Watch a live performance video for Giorgia Angiuli’s ‘Hanuman’ below.

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