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Giorgia Angiuli Releases ‘Nothing To Lose’ Animated Video

Giorgia Angiuli releases ‘Nothing To Lose’ animated video

The artist worked closely with the piece’s illustrators.

Following the release of her debut album, ‘In a Pink Bubble’, Giorgia Angiuli presented the official video of her  ‘Nothing To Lose’ song. Set amongst an array of pastel colors the video explores the intimate journey through the stages of life, via the two protagonists.

“I wanted to create an animated video in the style of the cartoons, with one closer to my artistic expression. In this video we see the intimate journey of the two characters, while the track ‘Nothing To Lose’ pushes them not to be scared of their emotions and let go”, Giorgia said.

The video was directed and edited by Jamaica De Marco and counted with Federico Vandin, Giada Giammona, Mara Di Paolo, Federica Fusi as animators and storyboard artists.

Watch ‘Nothing To Lose’ video below.

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