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Glimji & jamesjamesjames go early 00s on ‘Rush’

Out now via Headroom Records.

Producers Glimji & jamesjamesjames have linked up for a special musical outing in ‘Rush’, as the artists reimagine the turn-of-the-century raves in this collaborative effort. The new drop is already available to stream and purchase via Headroom Records.

Redefining the sound of Y2K techno music, ‘Rush’ invites listeners to reminisce about a rave from the 90s/00s, with an eye on the future. Glimji explains he doesn’t “want to sound just nostalgic of a 90s rave culture; I think our generation has had our own moments of euphoria and togetherness that separates from the past. It’s a new culture of anti-competition and holding each other up rather than trying to knock each other down, it’s anti-individual and it’s driven by collective togetherness. It’s a specific love. It’s Mutual Euphoria.”

“I, like, cry, when I listen to it, it’s so good,” says jamesjamesjames, in the words of Paris Hilton herself.

Listen to Glimji & jamesjamesjames’ ‘Rush’ below, and pick up your copy of the record here.

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