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Goddard – Unorthodox – Culture Records

Goddard – Unorthodox – Culture Records

Blending elements of house and techno, English producer Goddard delivers four original tracks as part of an EP that as its title suggests, aims to be unconventional by not wallowing into one particular style.

While all tracks do have one thing in common; energy, they all grab inspiration from richly diverse influences of electronic dance music. Take for instance ‘Unorthodox’, which is a banging big-room techno track with a heavy punchy kick and an in-your-face snare that is slightly smoothened by the uplifting vocals of Johanna Alba. This initial explosive track is followed by Endearment’, a true deep house cut that revolves around classic house piano stabs and female vocals.

The third track, ‘Close To Me’, also featuring Johanna Alba and Armistice, is a tech-house cut centered around a strong kick and driving bass, groovy drum loops and a powerful ride. The breakdowns and drops are full of uplifting chords and moving vocals that can go as far as giving the sensation of a trance tune at times.

‘Reunite’ rounds up the collection with the mellowest track of the bunch, an inspiring deep house cut lead by celestial pads and vocals as well as a moving rhythm founded by groovy and snappy drums.

Goddard’s ‘Unorthodox’ is already available on Culture Records. Grab your copy here.

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