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dsrptv rec hosts Golden Kong’s ‘TD-N55’

‘TD-N55’ EP is out now.

Photo Credit: Golden Kong / Official

 São Paulo-born DJ and producer Golden Kong has just unveiled his latest body of work with the release of his new ‘TD-N55’ EP. The record is already available to stream and purchase across all major digital platforms via dsrptv rec.

Experimentalism is in the DNA of Brazilian label dsrptv rec, and Golden Kong’s new ‘TD-N55’ EP is no exception. The EP focuses on presenting a dialogue between Electro, Techno, and Funk, and succeeds in achieving its goal with mastery.

The opener, ‘Automatic Defense Procedures’, begins smoothly with a techno feel, then picks up on the breakbeat, building to an old-school yet contemporary vibe. The title track is a trip to the different references that have marked the artists’ trajectory, bringing influences from Funk and EBM to the production, while the EP ends with ‘Afrofuturism’, which follows the futuristic energy presented in the first track, but focusing on the fast-paced bass lines.

Listen to Golden Kong’s new ‘TD-N55’ EP below and purchase your copy of the record here.

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