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Gorillaz Announces New Documentary, ‘Reject False Icons’

Gorillaz announces new documentary, ‘Reject False Icons’

It will be screened for one day only.

Gorillaz will go from the stages to the cinemas. On this occasion, Damon Albarn’s virtual band revealed that a documentary entitled ‘Gorillaz: Reject False Icons’ will be screened worldwide soon.

The director of this film, Dengold Hewlett, son of the co-founder of the band Jamie Hewlett, has been with the musicians for the last three years capturing some of the most important moments during their recent tours, ‘Humanz’ and ‘The Now Now’.

‘Gorillaz: Reject False Icons’ will hit theaters only on December 16th, and tickets will be sold from Monday, November 27th.

Watch the trailer below.

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