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Grandmaster Flash receives Polar Music Prize

Photo Credit: Annika Berglund/Polaris Prize

The prize is valued at around US$ 130,000 and is recognized by many as the “Nobel Prize for Music”.

The Polar Music Award was recently awarded in Stockholm and Grandmaster Flash became the first DJ to obtain this recognition. The violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter and Playing For Change foundation were also awarded.

In this installment, which took place last week, the 61-year veteran DJ was awarded “to demonstrate that turntables and mixers can be musical instruments”. Flash received the award “in honor of all DJs, rappers, graffiti artists and breakdancers”.

The Polar Music Award was founded by the composer and director of ABBA, Stig Anderson, in 1989. Other artists who have received it before have been Led Zeppelin, BB King, Metallica and Paul McCartney.

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