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GRAZZE selects 10 favorites from Beatfreak’s ‘Annual 2021’ Compilation

This artist is in love with music, nature, and the magic of the night. He begins his journey into the electronic music scene at the age of 14 after, having studied piano and musical theory. With a degree in sound engineering, GRAZZE specializes in the technical areas of production, mixing, and mastering as well as guitar and percussion in the artistic field.

At the moment he is exploring and developing a more elegant and emotive approach in his deepest side. On the other hand, he is also using more ethnic and dynamic elements as his inspirations for producing “club” sounds.

To celebrate his participation in Beatfreak’s ‘Annual 2021’GRAZZE selects his 10 favorite cuts from the compilation.

01. D-Formation & Matan Caspi – Arc of Dreams (Original Mix)

“This is into my TOP 3 of the annual. This masterpiece composed by the boss and other of the most important Artist of Progressive house, Matan Caspi is full of beautiful melodies and emotional vibes.”

02. Kamilo Sanclemente & Almma Valencia – Dharma (Original Mix)

“Love this track especially for the catchy rhythms. It has a melodic – deep atmosphere taking an interesting groove with some Arabic touches on the harmonies.”

03. End Of Twins – Prophet (Nōpi Remix)

“Nopi is a synonym of elegance. In this track full of positive melodies I can feel so many atmospheres which takes me to a relaxed state of mind. A beautiful remix full of details and melodic ideas.”

04. Mononoid – Primary Loop

“This hypnotic track shows the dark side of Beatfreak. That’s a great one to be played in a club in any moment of the night because of its versatility of sounds.

05. Masella – Samay (D-Formation & GRAZZE Remix)

“I was so happy for being part of this piece. Loved the original one once I listened to it for the first time. Dimas and I tried to create a remix combining a powerful and dark part for the drops but a relaxed, chill and bright breakdown like a breath in the middle of the darkness.”

06. Modeplex – Stellar (Rauschhaus Remix)

“This track is a continued progression of elements and complex melodic touches. I like it especially for its rhythm changes and complex details of the melodies.”

07. Modeplex – Vanilla Pulse

“The highlight parts of this song are its sad melodies and mysterious vocals. It’s impossible to listen to this track and don’t feel chills or goosebumps.

08. D-Formation & GRAZZE – Anya feat. Eleonora (Original Mix)

“This track is possibly one of our best pieces. Eleonora made a vocal line full of emotions, Dimas created the beautiful background and I made the details and final touches. Finally, this piece is one of my favorite ones of my discography.”

09. Masella – Etna (Black 8 Remix)

“Black 8 implemented lovely sounds for this remix which reminds me of springtime, landscapes, positivity, and hope. My special recommendation for a track which should be listened to when we need to cheer up.”

10. Oscar L & D-Formation – Miracle (Hollt Remix)

“My last choice is for Hollt. He knew how to create a club remix using dark and deep sounds combined with a catchy melody. It’s a great one also to be played in the middle of the night when we want to catch the attention of the people.”

Beatfreak’s ‘Annual 2021’ compilation is now available, grab your copy here

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