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Guava selects 10 tracks on rotation

Bradley Hutchings, Guava, is a British producer, composer, multi-instrument performer, and DJ based in Berlin (Germany) who has played at Abbey Road Studio 2, BBC Maida Vale, Hammersmith Apollo, The Roundhouse, and Green Man Festival.

Photo Credit: Guava – Official

 Known for his prolific productions over the last few years, he has had previous dance records on Martyn’s label 3024, Rhythm Section, Banoffee Pies Records, Control Freak, Holding Hands, Tread Records, and Nick Hoeppner’s imprint Touch From a Distance.

Already slated for 2023 is an EP for Kassian’s label Faux Poly, as well as his brand new Guava Noise label, which will be his new home for his more diverse Electronica sounds, like his new single ‘Always There’.

To celebrate the release of ‘Always There’, Guava selects 10 tracks on rotation:

1. Malibu – The Things That Fade

Malibu’s music has a unique quality that transports me to a different place every time I listen to it. Her artistry is unmatched, and I find myself drawn to her work on a deep level. It would be amazing to see her team up with David Lynch and create a cinematic masterpiece that showcases their collective talents. I have no doubt that their collaboration would be something truly special and unforgettable.” 

2. Untold – Sweat

Untold’s music has been a solid grounding for me. His production technique is incredible, and I truly believe that anyone who is looking to get into music production should study his work. His mastery of the craft is evident in some of the finest dance floor music that exists.” 

3. Burial, Four Tet, Thom Yorke – His Rope

“It’s tough to capture the essence of music in words. But let me tell you, Burial, Four Tet, and Thom Yorke are on another planet when it comes to conveying raw emotion through electronic sounds. It’s like they’re speaking a language that goes beyond just playing an instrument. And as someone who’s spent countless hours in the studio and on tour as a session guitarist, let me tell you, making a laptop feel something is one of the hardest things you can do. These guys make it seem easy.”

4. Andy Stott – Versi

Andy Stott’s music resonates with me on a deep level – it’s like a glimpse into the inner workings of his soul. His use of distortion is masterful and creates a unique sound that draws me in every time. I find it fascinating that he has a background in the automotive industry – it’s a testament to the fact that anyone can create great music if they have the passion and drive. Plus, his album covers are always simple yet striking, much like his music. I think the simplicity of his album covers reflects the purity of his music. I have often found myself lost in the textures of his soundscapes for hours on end. His music is a true testament to the power of simplicity and authenticity in electronic music.” 

5. Phazma – Arrakeen

“So, I don’t know much about this artist, but let me tell you a little story about the two boys behind the label On Rotation. Marlon and Adam, now they’re a couple of special guys. I went to school with them, and even though they were a couple of years younger, we used to take the bus to the train station together. Marlon’s father was an accomplished guitar teacher, and we’d often chat about jazz theory. As for Adam, I remember going to Germany with him on a school trip with the orchestra. But the last time I saw them play, they slayed a legendary set at Wilde Renate in Berlin to 500 very enthusiastic people.” 

6. DÖD – Sin City

“You know, this is one of those pieces that really paints a picture of a place. It’s a tribute to Malmö (Sweden), but not the kind of tribute that’s all shiny and polished. This is more like an odd, shadowy image of the city. The sounds here are dark and atonal. It’s like they’re saying: “We’re going to take everything down to its bare bones and make you feel it.” It’s not in the category of easy listening, but it’s powerful stuff. And that’s where I find this album’s beauty.” 

7. Barker – Die-Hards of the Darwinian Order

‘Utility’ by Barker… It was like flipping on a switch in my head the first time I heard it. I remember listening to the entire album with someone I was dating at the time, and it brought us even closer together. Our relationship was brief but intense. After the breakup, I challenged myself to write something that could measure up to ‘Utility’, to use it as a benchmark. And that’s exactly what I did – I created an entire album. It doesn’t sound like ‘Utility’, but the spirit of creating something that brings people together, that shared energy, was a big part of what inspired my debut album… You’ll be hearing more about that soon, I promise. What I really admire about the record is the boldness of the writing. The album has no drums, except for the final track, and when they do come in, they’re so powerful, it totally caught me off-guard.” 

8. John Martyn – Small Hours

“You’ve got to check out the live version of ‘One World’ with David Gilmour. It’s insane. What’s crazy is that I didn’t even know who John Martyn was, but apparently, he’s the guitarist who I sound the most like, even though I never listened to him growing up.” 

9. Prefab Sprout – Bonny (2007 Remastered Version)

“This song is a beautiful journey that uplifts the soul, gradually building a sense of joy and inner peace.” 

10. Counter Plan – 90° (DJ Q Mix)

“The perfect House roller? Love this tune – it’s a special one.” 

Guava’s ‘Always There’ is out now via Guava Noise. Purchase your copy here.

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