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Guti Announces New Album, ‘The Year Of The Conga’

Guti announces new album, ‘The Year of the Conga’

This will be the first Cuttin Headz release of the year.

Argentinean DJ and producer Guti has confirmed he will be publishing a new LP on next March. ‘El Año de la Conga‘ is his third album and the most rooted one to date.

The 14-track record comes after a personal request done by The Martinez Brothers and the result is a total reconnection to his music foundations, his roots in the clubs and everything that attracted him to the dancefloor many years ago. “I’m back to my roots and found my Latino groove again”, he added.

‘El Año de la Conga‘ will be available on March 29th. Listen to a few snippets below.

1. AEE
2. Another Day
3. Beat
4. Red Eye
5. Our House (Somebody) feat. Leo Garcia
6. Salve Me feat. Morgan
7. Se Baila
8. So Dope
9. La Orchestra Fantasma feat. Greg Paulus & Chucky de Ipola
10. Telling The Truth
11.  Simple Thoughts
12. Like That
13. Voladora
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