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Guy J leds Lost & Found’s latest compilation, announces label’s closing

100 releases of pure progressive magic.

Photo Credit: Lost & Found – Official

Lost & Found Recordings just dropped a collection of previously unreleased tracks with a various set of artists. The album entitled ‘We Are Lost’ features nine tracks showcasing the label’s diverse progressive sounds.

The musical package includes productions from regular guests of the Israel-based imprint such as Guy J,  Chicola, Guy Mantzur,  Eli Nissan,  Luka Sambe, Roy Rosenfeld, and Stereo Underground featuring Snarky GreenMan.

In a  news related, Guy J also announced  Lost & Found will be closing as a label, “100th release on Lost & Found is coming out today and it is going to be the last release on the label. This move is coming from the love of the label and the love you gave it and made it what it is today- a community, a world on its own.

The reason for that is I believe that things should finish at the peak to be remembered for their beauty.

I want you to know that this move is a privilege,” he commented.

Listen to ‘We Are Lost’ compilation below and get your copy here.

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