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HAFT – Elephant Hills – Ready Mix Records

HAFT – Elephant Hills – Ready Mix Records

‘Elephant’s Hills’ is a fresh new production from HAFT, an Iranian duo made up by Sam Naseh and Amir Subb. An EP made up by two original tracks and four remixes, offering an all-around look at both tracks’ many nuances and layers, each one playing with feeling and sound to form a deeply hypnotizing release.

The original version of ‘Elephant’s Hill’ opens the EP and sets the bar from which all the others measure up, incorporating the ancient sounds of the Orient with the modern beat of techno and a touch of psychedelia. A shaking bass foundation induces a mantra-like state and launches the tune into foreign territories, filled with mysticism and legend (and elephants). It’s like a slow journey into lands unknown.

Regarding the remixes, both Voluntier and 7even take on the task of transforming the track into their own vision with gusto, resulting in two different versions that keep the deep atmosphere and Oriental intrigue of the original intact. Voluntier’s version relies more on the percussive side of the tune, while 7even’s remix gets even denser and darker than the original.

The second original track, ‘The Shahoor’s Palace’, strips down HAFT’s sound and offers a suggestive and driving beat over which float disembodied voices and exotic instruments. It’s a fresh and engaging tune that shuffles and mutates, making for an enjoyable ride.

The first remix of ‘The Shahoor’s Palace’ comes from Hrag Mikkel and Pambouk, turning the tune into a deep-house romp with a funky, relentless beat. Closing the EP is Kod.Kod’s version, which is a very chilled-out take on the original, turning down the drums and filling the void with the charms of Oriental rhythms and instrumentation.

In all, the ‘Elephant’s Hill’ EP is well worth checking out, with interesting original productions and worthy remixes, to experience a very different side of dance and electronic music that is brimming with possibilities.

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