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Haidak – Going Deep (Audiophile Deep)

Haidak – Going Deep (Audiophile Deep)

Haidak is quite a mover and shaker. The American is based in Amsterdam where he puts on the Hive parties that are becoming more and more popular. He also has released on this Audiophile Deep label before now and really impressed, and all in all he is one of the most essential artists to keep an eye on this year.

Up first, ‘Bad Pandas’ is a functional track with dead of night menace in its groove. It is tough and stiff and really gets you hot under the collar as it never lets up. His sound is dark and moody but has a sense of fun and humour. That is clear in ‘Going Back’, an occult tune for late night dance floors. It has an occult synth hook and shadowy drums that get finished with a monstrous vocal.

Both tunes do different but equally great things here, so this is well worth checking.

Haida’s ‘Going Deep’ EP is available on Audiophile Deep.

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