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Hannah Wants & Jess Bays link up for ‘I Don’t Know’

Now available via Stress Records.

Always at the forefront of UK house, and longtime friends, Hannah Wants and Jess Bays teamed up this summer to create ‘I Don’t Know’ alongside vocalist Jennifer Jamieson.

Hannah Wants and Jess Bays have a history and are respected for their productions. ‘I Don’t Know’ is no exception with an infectious bassline, tight drums, classic house pads, and simple yet infectious vocals.

‘I’m so excited for the release with Hannah and Jennifer! Last year gave us the opportunity to collaborate with other artists that we normally couldn’t. We’ve had time to settle in, breathe, and focus on being creative! This is my first attempt at producing a track exclusively for the club and it is an honor to do it with someone as influential as Hannah. Jennifer absolutely smashed it with the top line too – such a catchy hook!’ said Jess Bays.

Listen to ‘I Don’t Know’ below and purchase your copy here.

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