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Hannes Bieger – Burn Your Love – Bedrock Records

Deeply melodic and emotionally enveloping, ‘Burn Your Love’, Hannes Bieger’s latest EP on the mighty Bedrock Records, continues on the path blazed by this visionary producer, who has honed his own mixture of musical, intelligent and genre-defying techno over the past few years. Tough and artistically uncompromising, his music is no stranger to the dancefloors of the world, where he brings the gift of melody to the feet-shuffling beat.

The title track, ‘Burn Your Love’, includes a superb vocal performance from Juan Hansen, who deftly inserts his eerie voice into the maze of snaking synths, fat riffs and pulsating notes to superb effect, driving the tune forward with relentless drive, yet leaving enough headspace to lose yourself and get carried away by the beat. This is one of those tracks that draw you in like a tractor beam, with a hypnotic effect that’s punctuated by the pounding groove.

Next comes ‘Ashes’, an instrumental track that showcases Bieger‘s special kind of techno, with a playful, unconventional sound that incorporates layers upon layers of synths and effects until the beat kicks in, turning what seemed like a loose, random track into a rocking and swinging piece of dancefloor candy.

With a  spotless, crystal-clear sound and off-the-beaten-path arrangements, this EP is another jewel on Bedrock‘s crown. The label continues to be one of the main contenders in underground music after more than two decades, running as strong as ever thanks to a unique vision and a roster of some of the best artists around today.​

Hannes Bieger‘s ‘Burn Your Love’ EP is out now. Grab your copy here.

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