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Hannes Bieger announces new label, Elektrons, with debut single ‘Black Hole’

The first release is scheduled for 29th March, 2024.

Photo credit: AK Berlin

Live performer and producer, Hannes Bieger, is making waves in the music industry with the introduction of his new music label, Elektrons. This venture highlights Bieger’s dedication to promoting and evolving his signature melodic techno sounds.

The launch of Elektrons is marked by the unveiling of the single ‘Black Hole’, set to release on 29th March, 2024. This composition embodies the label’s essence. ‘Black Hole’ originated from an impromptu session in the German artist’s studio. Echoing Giorgio Moroder, the track showcases a mesmerizing bassline, radiant melodies, and a throbbing low end. It underscores Bieger’s knack for crafting danceable yet emotionally engaging music.

Elektrons, conceived as a medium to explore and amplify Bieger’s distinct sound, encapsulates his vision and aspirations. The platform not only highlights his skills as a producer, performer, and engineer, but also extends his global reach as he embarks on this thrilling new chapter.

Pre-order ‘Black Hole’ here.

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