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Hannes Bieger – Obsidian – Beatfreak Recordings

Hannes Bieger – Obsidian – Beatfreak Recordings

One of Berlin’s finest, Hannes Bieger is widely considered a producer’s producer. With an untouchable reputation as one of Europe’s most in-demand mixing engineers over a decade, the German marvels with his solo work as well, having displayed his versatility by releasing on heavyweights like John Digweed’s Bedrock, Steve Bug’s Poker Flat Recordings and Carl Cox’s ‘Awesome Soundwave’. Now, he lands on one of Spain’s most prominent labels, Beatfreak, delivering a two-track EP that embodies what D-Formation’s imprint is all about.

The EP, titled ‘Obsidian’, gets rolling on the shoulders of its main track. Menacing, a dark-toned hybrid, part man, part machine. Bieger’s knowledge of what works in a dancefloor is palpable, as a locked groove strikes from the onset, thrashing away everything on its path. Consuming everything as it develops, neon flares and strobes pierce through, taking center stage as they dance with precise movements on the rim of a black hole.

The second track found on Bieger’s Beatfreak debut is ‘Rift’. Following on the same shades of ‘Obsidian’, ‘Rift’ dives deeper into the abyss. Hypnotic by design, the piece is built on tension, drawing listeners moths to a fire. ‘Rift’ follows a meandering synth line that wonders far from comfort, as it expands and contracts at will, guiding to an unexpected breakdown that replicates the sensation of staring straight into the endless unknown.

Hannes Bieger’s ‘Obsidian’ feels like a centerpiece in Beatfreak’s ever-evolving catalog. A staple of Hannes live performances, they are big, brash and bold, and represent the spirit behind D-Formation’s label from the first beat.

You can grab your copy of ‘Obsidian’ here.


  1. Obsidian (Original Mix)
  2. Rift (Original Mix)
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