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HDSN pays heartfelt tribute with ‘No Place Like Home’

Out via NBAST.

Photo Credit: HDSN / Facebook

 HDSN has just released his latest  EP titled ‘No Place Like Home.’ Under the label NBAST, this vinyl release holds a profound personal significance for the artist as he pays homage to the influential women in his life.

Reflecting on his journey, HDSN shares heartfelt sentiments about his mother, who has been his biggest idol and supporter. He admires her unwavering strength, humility, and dedication as a single mother, providing him and his sister with everything they needed to thrive. It was her understanding and support of his musical passion that allowed him to pursue his calling, despite initial doubts. Finally, after eight years of music-making, HDSN has crafted a song that truly resonates with his mother’s soul, aptly titled ‘Stronger’.

‘No Place Like Home’ also celebrates the resilience and triumphs of his sister, who faced hardships at an early age but emerged as a beacon of light, now embarking on the journey of motherhood herself.

With deep gratitude and a desire to reconnect with his roots, HDSN encapsulates the sentiment of finding solace and belonging in the embrace of family. ‘No Place Like Home’ represents the profound love and appreciation he holds for his mother, sister, and their newborn child, showcasing the beauty that lies within their tribe.

Listen to HDSN’s ‘No Place Like Home’ below, and purchase your copy of the record here.

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