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Henry Saiz presents his debut album as Hal Incadenza (Audio)

The LP is Entitled ‘Calor’.

Spanish artist Henry Saiz recently announced he’s releasing his first album under his Hal Incadenza alias on newly launched label, Lost Worlds Records. The project focuses on indie and avant-pop sounds and presents a different side of the Madrid-based DJ and Producer.

“This record has been in the making for quite a long time and to say that I’m extremely happy to be finally able to share it with my fans would be an understatement. ‘Calor’ is special in many senses, but mostly because it reflects the musical side of me that I couldn’t really show under Henry Saiz, but which was still a part of me as an artist. And that’s one of the main things about Hal Incandenza – while stylistically complementing Henry Saiz, conceptually they are completely different projects.”

“Hal Incandenza was created in order to establish a relationship with a listener that would be equally emotional to that of Henry Saiz, but more free, more open-minded, sometimes even crazy if you will, with no bias, labels or stereotypes whatsoever. And I truly believe the album will show you that. Besides, it is debuting on my newly launched label Lost Worlds Records, so it’s exciting to me and to everyone involved in every imaginable way.”

Hal Incadenza’s ‘Calor’ drops in stores on April 28th.

Below the album’s teaser.

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