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Hermetics returns with techno-pagan release ‘Prometheus Rising’

Now available via Otherness.

Photo credit: Hermetics – Official

Colombian DJ and Producer, Hermetics, is back with a six-track EP, ‘Prometheus Rising’, via their own label, Otherness.

The EP transports listeners into a world where advanced technology and AI merge with nature and techno-pagan spirituality. It paints a picture of a utopian future driven by Prometheus, the Greek god who molded humans from clay and bestowed upon them technology.

The EP begins with ‘Hyperion’, setting the mood with a melancholic jungle beat. This track is followed by the title track, ‘Prometheus Rising’, a blend of 90s beat, industrial, tribal, and techno music. ‘Hero’s Journey’ employs ritualistic rhythms to inspire transcendence, while ‘Reborn’ fuses earthly and celestial sounds, reminiscent of acid house and big beat. ‘Howl’, with its Norse music inspiration, reconnects you to nature. The EP concludes with ‘Rites Of A Space Age’, a mix of Aphex Twin and sci-fi ambiance.

Listen to ‘Prometheus Rising’ below and download your copy here.

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