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Hernan Cattaneo: The sun & the moon shine over a new ‘Sunsetstrip ‘

Once again, Hernan Cattaneo shone under the sun in the heart of his beloved Buenos Aires. Under the imposing framework of the Campo Argentino de Polo, the renowned DJ and producer made 18,000 souls feel the vibe for 7 hours in an unforgettable ‘Sunsetstrip’ experience.

It had been about a year since the last time the Argentine producer had appeared in his native city, and the excitement was already palpable, even several days before, with announcements of an incomparable event that was already sold out weeks before the date. Not even the overwhelming summer heat in Buenos Aires was going to bother thousands of clubbers, ready to dance outdoors for hours. By the afternoon, there was not a cloud in the sky, as if the weather itself knew this was a special date.

Arriving at the venue, you could already hear a crowd waiting to enter, full of expectations and desire to have a good time. The access was clean and neat, something that we must highlight, given the large number of people who were present at the event. Upon entering, people from Buena production company welcomed the clubbers with water bottles, and enabled hydration stations, to ensure that high temperatures were not an inconvenience for anyone.

Already at a long distance from the stage, you could hear a mix of tracks that has its own personal stamp. That hand that is recognizable without the need to see the owner who controls it. Hernan‘s figure moved with temper and experience on the stage, while it was bathed by the sun’s rays. Quiet, and without haste, knowing exactly what the destination was. The stage, while imposing, was simple at the same time, reminiscent of the scenarios of classic rock bands, such as those seen in several world-class acts such as The Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd, something that should not be taken as a mere coincidence, given the fanaticism of the DJ for the music of that time. Something that could also be seen throughout his set, which featured reworks of classics like ‘Wish You Were Here’, or the nostalgic ending with a cameo on vocals from ‘Lizard King’ himself, Jim Morrison.

Musically speaking, the set was a beautiful journey through Hernan’s past and present. For seven hours, a congregation of thousands rocked out with original cuts from some of the most distinguished progressive producers and reworks of pop giants, such as Billie Ellish and Gorillaz. From downtempo, through house and closing with pure progressive and its darker streaks, Hernan wove a memorable set that was rose in intensity with each step that the sun took towards the horizon.

When the night came, the stage woke up in full force, with an impressive set of lights and visuals, turning the field into a real disco, remembering Cattaneo‘s highly coveted night-time presentations. Holding hands, he and that sea of ​​souls made their way through the stars with beautiful breakdowns that captivated the imagination, as the night became one of those memories that anyone who has had the opportunity to dance along with the true maestro treasures so much.

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