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Higgins – All That You Want – Krafted Underground

Boasting releases on labels such as Vapour Recordings or Pangea, Secluded Records & Events founder Higgins wrapped up his 2022 with ‘All That You Want’. With his latest EP, the Manchester-based artist returns to UK behemoth Krafted Underground with a two-track offering that showcases the producer’s trademark sound, while also featuring two highly engaging reinterpretations, courtesy of Lexicon Avenue and Medway.

Running over hypnotic wobbles and a strobing low end, ‘All That You Want’ unfurls its luxurious tapestry with expert care as Higgins entrances listeners with vocal lines that linger in the air, shrouded in a mysterious and captivating hue. A heady trip inside Higgins’ creative space, ‘All That You Want’ is a tantalizing piece that stimulates our innermost desires without ever overwhelming us, perfectly setting the tone for the rest of the package.

Following up, ‘Anytime Now’ tends to our needs with an imposing bassline and hazy atmospheric effects that run rampant, infusing life into its irresistible frame as delectable synthetic stabs sway through the piece in absolute grace. Kaleidoscopic, ‘Anytime Now’ showcases a different side to Higgins, with lush swells that collide against iridescent arpeggios and unique color tones as the artist creates a ravishing experience that perfectly complements its companion piece.

In a darker take, the iconic Lexicon Avenue project reimagines ‘All That You Want’ as an underground roller brimming with unbridled energy. Boasting an irrepressible bassline, Lexicon Avenue amps the cinematics with meandering wails and ghastly vocals for a blistering outing that channels the genre’s halcyon days in a manner only true legends can.

For the grand finale, Medway wraps up proceedings with an arresting version of ‘Anytime Now’. Switching frames for a more energetic outing, Medway dives deep as he mesmerizes listeners with a sublime balancing act that sees the UK artist treading over grit and sheer beauty for a grandiose closer that twists the kaleidoscope once more in a captivating fashion, revealing a showstopping picture.

Higgins’ ‘All That You Want’ EP  is out now via Krafted Underground. Purchase your copy here.

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