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‘History Of House’ art exhibition returns to UK and Ibiza

With sights on the US and beyond.

Davey Brown is relaunching the ‘History Of House’ exhibition this November, headed for a multitude of locations, after its initial success back in 2019 between showcases in London, Newcastle, and Ibiza. The exhibition will involve a collection of portraits of some of the world’s best DJs from the beginning of house music to the present day. After canceling several dates in 2020, the exhibition was moved online.

The now relaunched ‘History Of House’ intends to be a step up from its 2019 edition, and was taken to Newcastle in September. The exhibition was viewed by 10,000 attendees, with the venue scheduling a return for a full tour to be viewed by over 60,000 people. Specific dates for this year’s tour are yet to be confirmed, but the exhibition will be visiting Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, London, Durham, Bristol, Glasgow, Brighton, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leicester, Dublin, Hertfordshire, Bedford, Belfast, and Sheffield.

A return to Ibiza’s Cafe Mambo is also on the books, with intentions to visit the US and Cyprus as well.

Learn more about the exhibition and Davey Brown’s work here.

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