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Hoj And Lee Burridge Launch New Label, Tale And Tone (Audio)

Hoj and Lee Burridge launch new label, Tale and Tone (Audio)

Expect some deep quality tunes.

Long time friends Hoj and Lee Burridge just launched a new imprint named Tale and Tone, releasing its first six-track EP on mid-July.

The label channels both artists experiences’ exploring the world’s different dancefloors, and acts as a bridge between the diverse environments in which dance music thrives. In Hoj’s own words, “Lee and I are great friends and have been talking about starting a new project together for a long time. As DJs, we play a huge range of music in any given set, and we wanted to start a label that was less about a specific sound and more about showcasing great songs that we love to play – songs with story and groove. Tale and Tone features the music Lee and I would play in a back-to-back set. And the music we imagine playing at our dream night time ball.”

The first EP entitled ‘Storybook’ brings six different tracks from various talents as Daso and Lutz, Cornucopia, Lost Desert & Amari, Dance Spirit, Newman and a Be Svenden’s remix of a Mine Hender cut.

The release is already available on Vinyl and will be out digital on August 4th.

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