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Honey Dijon releases ‘Black Girl Magic’ album, shares video

From ‘Its Quiet Now’ track, featuring Dope Earth Alien.

Honey Dijon has finally unveiled her sophomore album, ‘Black Girl Magic’. The new LP, which features the collaborators of Channel Tres, EVE, Pabllo Vittar, Josh Caffe, Mike Dunn, and more, is already available to stream and purchase via Classic Music Company.

In line with the release, the North American DJ & producer has also shared the official music video for ‘It’s Quiet Now’, featuring Dope Earth Alien. The video was directed by LA-based vocalist, songwriter, and visual artist Cor.ece, and features Clare Richè and Brandon Lucas in the leading roles.

“What was most important for me about directing ‘It’s Quiet Now’ was making sure I told a story that was not only revealing and raw but also empowering for the protagonist at the center. We get to witness peace that is earned–and fought for. I don’t think we can see enough depictions of real self-love…

‘It’s Quiet Now’ is already one of those special tracks that is not only seductive for the dancefloor, but it tells a story. Honey and I wanted to bring this story to life. In three minutes, we get a full arc from pain to romance to true liberation.” explains Cor.ece about the new video which explores the experiences of trans women.

Watch the official music video for Honey Dijon’s ‘It’s Quiet Now’ below, and listen to ‘Black Magic Girl’ here.

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