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HOSH – Stories From Sa Talaia (Fryhide)

HOSH – Stories From Sa Talaia (Fryhide)

‘Stories From Sa Talaia’ marks a new chapter in the long and storied career of HOSH. The German producer has now ditched the dots to mark this new phase, and kicks it off in real style with a new label and new album. It is free to download, and plays out over two sections as one long mix. The label it comes on is called fryhide, which will put out tracks from it as well as music from others.

The producer who has long been associated with Dynamic – and in fact still is – is now a father and lives in Ibiza and that has surely had an impact on his musical style. As such it is no surprise to hear lush melody and moody introspection characterising the album from the off. Underneath those well crafted synths that are poignant and sombre are slippery rubbery beats that also make you dance.

From there the album takes many twists and turns but does so in smooth and seductive ways. Playing out like a DJ set from the man himself, there are dark and diving grooves next to spaced out and deep rollers that encourage you to cut loose. Percussion is used sparingly and it is synths that make the meat of the album.

Often light and airy and filled with optimism, the tracks are all expertly crafted for maximum impact. Both DJs and dancers are sure to lap them up when they get released as tracks and on this evidence HOSH has never been in finer form. Here’s to looking ahead to what else this new label and chapter in his life may have in store.

HOSH’s ‘Stories from Sa Talaia’ is available for Free Download. Grab here some of the tracks included on the compilation.

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