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HOSH And 1979 Drop New Single, ‘Midnight (The Hanging Tree)’

HOSH and 1979 drop new single, ‘Midnight (The Hanging Tree)’

A video has been released too.

HOSH and 1979 shared their most recent single entitled ‘Midnight (The Hanging Tree)’ that features London singer Jalja released via Ministry of Sound and Three Six Zero Recordings.

Both artists joined forces to create a scarce and emotional sound landscape that endures in memory. In addition, the song features an animated video in which a dark, mysterious and exciting atmosphere prevails.

“This track happened like a magic call,” HOSH explains. “When 1979 sent me an instrumental it made a click and in my head I heard the hanging tree vocal on top of it. It turned out it was a perfect match, so I took it from there, made my adjustments and re-recorded the vocal with the talented Jalja.”

Watch the video below.

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