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Hotboxx, AbueKev & Vampire Sex link up for ‘Wanna Know Sumthing About Ya’

With two hot takes on the same concept.

Hotboxx, AbueKev & Vampire Sex have come together to unveil their latest collaborative effort with the release of ‘Wanna Know Sumthing About Ya’. The new EP is already available to stream and purchase across all major digital platforms via AbueKev’s own Original Label imprint.

‘Wanna Know Sumthing About Ya’ sees Hotboxx, AbueKev & Vampire Sex linking up for a delectable vocal-led outing as playful synths and uplifting pads unleash an infectious dynamic bound to keep dancefloors bouncing in ecstasy. Meanwhile, its ‘Sexy Sax Mix’ finds the trio submerged in a deep house version of the track that thrives on a groovy sax line and a soulful synth progression.

Listen to Hotboxx, AbueKev & Vampire Sex’s ‘Wanna Know Sumthing About Ya’ below, and purchase your copy of the EP here.

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