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Hotboxx, Flynn Nolan, and Unkwnet unleash new single ‘The Prescription’

Now available via The Boat House.

Photo Credit: Hotboxx – Official

Hotboxx, Flynn Nolan, and Unkwnet have released a new single, ‘The Prescription’, under The Boat House label. This track combines their combined styles, resulting in a high-energy dance piece.

‘The Prescription’ is a rhythmic journey with pulsating beats and funky vibes. It features shuffled rhythms, bright synths, and engaging basslines. The vocals and profound lyrics embody the essence of club music.

Their past collaborations, such as ‘Disco Daniel’, ‘Annie’, and the recent hit ‘H20’, highlight their love for lively house music. Hotboxx continues to cement his status as a top producer and DJ with his radio show ‘All The Smoke’ and energetic live sets.

Listen to ‘The Prescription’ below and grab your copy here.

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