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Hotboxx teams up with Vampire Sex for ‘Roatan’

Featured on ‘Rounded Showcase ADE 2023’ compilation album.

Photo credit: Hotboxx – Official

Hotboxx has released a new house production titled ‘Roatan’. The track is a collaboration with Vampire Sex and can be found on Rounded Records’ compilation album ‘Rounded Showcase ADE 2023’, which features other artists like Terry Golden and Hannes Bruniic.

‘Roatan’ begins with a thumping beat and punchy rhythms. A spoken vocal sample adds an intriguing touch to the mix, while the processed hooks and full-bodied bassline drive the track forward. Hotboxx and Vampire Sex take the listener on a journey through shuffled details, playful filtered elements, dynamic sonic hits, and a bouncy low-end.

Stream and download ‘Roatan’ here.

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