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House Music With Love drops ‘Girls To The Front’ compilation

Featuring Lex Ludlow, Tigerbalm, Idd Aziz, Arina Mur, Rïa Mehta, and Sean Ae.

Photo Credit: Andree Martis

Swedish record label, House Music With Love, has curated an all-female VA compilation titled ‘Girls To The Front’. This compilation celebrates the exceptional talent of female electronic music artists.

‘Girls To The Front’ is a tribute to punk rock icon and feminist advocate, Kathleen Hanna. The compilation provides a unique platform to spotlight female artists who often face obstacles in gaining acknowledgment in a predominantly male industry. This diverse mix is a call to action for women and non-binary music producers to claim their deserved recognition.

‘To The Moon And Back’ by Lex Ludlow starts the compilation, merging intricate percussion with mesmerizing instrumentals. It’s followed by ‘Pagoda Dance’, an Afro house piece by Tigerbalm and Idd Aziz. ‘Bulkowa’ by Arina Mur blends deep beats with ethereal vocals, showcasing organic house music. The compilation concludes with ‘A Dream (Sunrise Mix)’ by Rïa Mehta and Sean Ae, capturing the serene essence of dawn.

Listen to ‘Girls To The Front’ below and grab your copy here.

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