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Hraach – Paseo De Los Tristes (The 2018 Remixes) – Ready Mix Records

Counting the 184th release of Montreal’s Ready Mix Records is a revisit to one of the label’s most notorious releases, ‘Paseo De Los Tristes’ EP by Armenian producer Hraach. The EP, originally released in 2016, has been re-invented with five fresh remixes by producers Britta Unders, Zone+, Salski, Sarkis Mikael and Rabih Rizk.

Berlin-based duo Britta Unders pushes the track into a deeper and darker theme that revolves around a classical piano melody, haunting strings, mystic synth accents, and a smooth melancholic new vocal that did not formerly appear in the original.

Bahrain artist Zone+ also remixes ‘Paseo De Los Tristes’ delivering his signature sound found in some of his previous releases from acclaimed labels such as ‘All Day I Dream.’ The remix accentuates crisp percussion loops and balearic-like strings turning the track into a hypnotic tune full of spiritual atmospheres.

Poland’s Salski lifts the tempo up a notch turning the original tune into a warm, sci-fi influenced rework driven by clean groovy drums, celestial pads and distorted synth-scapes that dramatize the musical territory while keeping an uplifting energy that evolves throughout the track.

Remixing ‘Bajo El Cielo Azul’, L.A. based Sarkis Mikael lays out a solid deep house groove and adds plaintive guitars and sweeping pads to create an expansive, desert-like soundscape.

Adding to the “desert” vibes comes the final remix of the collection from a producer who actually grew up in the Lebanon desert, Rabih Rizk. His interpretation is a richly layered and unmistakably middle-eastern influenced rework of “Bajo El Cielo Azul,” highlighting sonic mirages with thrilling vocal snippets and punchy percussion.

Hraach’s Paseo De Los Tristes (The 2018 Remixes) are already available. Grab your copy here.

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