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Hunter/Game returns with ‘Stars’

Featuring collaborations by Noah Kulaga and Mano Le Tough.

Photo Credit: Hunter/Game – Official

Electronic music duo, Hunter/Game, marks their return to their label, Just This, with a brand new EP aptly named ‘Stars’.

The fresh material showcases not only Hunter/Game’s own musical prowess, but also features the vocal stylings of Munich’s multi-talented singer and instrumentalist, Noah Kulaga. Further augmenting the package is an official remix from the excellent Mano Le Tough.

The harmonious blend of introspective lyrics and ethereal melodies is a testament to Hunter/Game’s ability to intertwine intricate emotions into their compositions.

Mano Le Tough’s reinterpretation of Hunter/Game’s original track has already garnered substantial support from prominent figures such as Âme and Pete Tong and has even scored airtime on BBC Radio 1.

Listen to the ‘Stars’ EP below and grab your copy here.

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