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Ignite: A Burning Man Film reaches Kickstarter Goal

A group of Burning Man regulars led by film director Ryan Moore have decided to create a movie about the festival’s experience.

Encouraged to present their vision Moore and his crew filmed this year’s edition and are preparing the final product. The documentary music will be in charge of Grammy Award winner Lorne Balfe.

“My dream has always been to share with my friends, family, and people I meet what it feels like to be there. I mean TRULY capture from the attendees perspective the wonder, joy, and full range of emotions that are felt when they descend upon Black Rock City. When people ask me what it’s like to go each year, I typically respond “you just have to see for yourself.” Words just don’t do it justice. So now with this film, my goal is to simply say watch “Ignite” and hopefully it’ll spark curiosity for them to want to attend.”

After the whole filming process, they moved forward with a fundraising campaign that has already reached its goal of 20.000 US$, if you are interested in supporting you can still donate for this cinematic journey of the annual Black Rock gathering.

“Burning Man is something that cannot be described in words, therefore I feel this is the best way of expressing it in a visual format. After all these years of attending I’ve been able to develop a clear vision for what I feel truly represents what it’s like to be there.”

For more info and support click here.

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