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Ilario Alicante reconnects with his ‘Rave Soul’

His first EP for Durmcode in over 4 years.

Following up on the success of 2017’s ‘Figures & Echoes’, Ilario Alicante is once again back on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode imprint, this time showcasing his ‘Rave Soul’ EP. The new record is already available to stream and purchase across all major platforms.

With hypnotic tension, Ilario Alicante’s ‘Rave Soul’ finds the artist in full-blown technicolor, as sentimentalism and jubilee permeate throughout the track, celebrating a collective return to the dancefloors. The EP also features the highly energetic ‘Again’, and opener ‘Rave Atlas’, which is fuelled by old-school effects and a dynamic landscape.

Listen to Ilario Alicante’s ‘Rave Soul’ below, and purchase your copy of the EP here.

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