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il:lo select their top 10 tracks on rotation

French producers Dejan Dejado and Andreas Schütz prove that two heads are better than one. After meeting in Prague in 2010, the duo formed a fast musical connection that spawned their dynamic and sprawling electronic act il:lo. While working remotely by exchanging ideas from two different places, il:lo embodies a yin and yang style of complementary forces.

They describe il:lo as “difficult to capture or hold permanently, having wings.” This meaning can be derived from the definition of the word volatile and highlights their proclivity for shape-shifting moods and the uncanny ability to mutate between downtempo, electronica, and deep house. Their influences are as far ranging as their music, citing 90s IDM, trip-hop, and even liquid drum & bass music as playing a role in their compositions.

To celebrate the release of ‘Shifted’, their new collaboration with Australian vocalist Fractures, il:lo select their favorite 10 tracks of the moment:

1. Frameworks – Blue Light

Frameworks is a friend, but above all, one of the classiest producers we know. He has a unique skill to choose the perfect synth sounds and rhythm placement. ‘Blue Light’ has a sexy groove that we don’t know where it comes from, a little magical.”

2. Branko – SDDS

“We have always been influenced by world music, but not very much by reggeaton rhythms. This track is a nice combination of melancholic downtempo and reggeaton drums. In particular, the mixture of the two melodies at 2:43 is unexpected. It’s rare to see two melodies marrying so well, it’s an incredible find from Branko that immediately makes you want to play this title again.”

3. Four Tet – Mango Feedback

Four Tet is, with Bonobo, one of our biggest inspirations. He is the only one that can make these catchy melodies. This track is powerful, melancholic, and groovy. I was shocked the first time I heard it.”

4. AK – What Was It Like

“I love these short tracks with a standard start but with a melody that comes in the middle and totally transports you away. This track is currently on loop in my studio.”

5. Wittyboy – My Fear

“We are more and more influenced by the UK Garage. This track is a good example of the kind of British UK we like, intense and melodic.”

6. Jasper Tygner – Kashmer

Jasper Tygner is a UK producer we recently discovered. I like the way he can create a special kind of UK beat with just a few selected elements, a vocal sample a simple melody, and a nice beat. (I can also recommend his track ‘Blush’).”

7. Weval – Should Be Fine

“We saw Weval in live Berlin last May, and it was for us a really nice experience. The way they use their synth lives was really inspiring. I love this track because it brings me in a special mood, especially the chords from the intro, mellow but also a little bit dark.”

8. Nuage – Occur

“We love Nuage since the beginning, I think we have the same taste regarding melodic elements. In this one, I love how he uses them to create the rhythmic pattern of the track. It’s like a train slowly crossing a landscape.”

9. Odesza – North Garden 

Odesza is a huge name in the electronic music scene, I don’t love everything they released lately, but in their new album, I was surprised about this one. It’s more an old school type of track a fast hip-hop beat, reminds me of what I love about them in their early career.”

10. Four Tet – She Just Likes to Fight

Four Tet always and forever is a slowly evolving nostalgic track. Just pure class! A perfect way to end a playlist.”

il:lo & Fractures’ ‘Shifted’ is out now via Nettwerk Music Group. Purchase your copy here.

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