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KNTXT: A weekend journey with Charlotte de Witte at Printworks

This past Saturday, February 11th, Charlotte de Witte’s acclaimed KNTXT label and event brand took over the iconic halls of Printworks London. Boasting a powerhouse of a lineup featuring Kessie, Daria Kolosova B2B Etapp Kyle, Marron, SHDW & Obscure Shape, and the queen herself, KNTXT put on an electrifying night showcasing the best in techno.

Photo Credit: Jake Davis

The news of Printworks’ closure has sent shockwaves throughout the music industry and its devoted fan base. Many are mourning the loss of a venue that has become a cornerstone of London’s nightlife scene. Printworks has hosted some of the most unforgettable events and performances, including a fantastic final show by techno superstar Charlotte De Witte.

The KNTNX label presented a rememberable techno music event that took place in the capital on Saturday, with a stellar lineup of DJs and artists from around the world. The event began with a set by UK artist Kessie, who expertly warmed up the quickly growing crowd with her beats. The dynamic duo of Daria Kolosova B2B Etapp Kyle took over the stage next, spicing up the ambiance with a groovy mix of techno music that kept the energy high and the crowd moving for a full 90 minutes.

As the walls of the venue filled up with excited fans, Amsterdam-based DJ, Marron, took over the stage. He delivered a high-energy, rhythmic techno blend that was coupled with hard-to-look-away-from visuals, generating an immense amount of energy and making it tough for anyone to leave the dance floor. The steering wheel was then passed onto SHDW & Obscure Shape, who skillfully hypnotized the entire rave with their hard-hitting beats that were accompanied by a range of stunning lasers. The German duo elevated the bar with their bouncing sounds, and the last 20 minutes of their impeccable act featured their own take on the classic piece ‘Insomnia’ by Faithless.

The favorite of the show, Charlotte de Witte, did not disappoint when it was her turn to take control of the craving crowd. She served up a 2-hour exquisite dark techno set that showcased her high-energy, stripped-back approach to techno, acid, and more. Her unique musical style is always pushing boundaries while staying true to the underground scene, and it’s clear why she has cemented her status as a rising star in the techno world.

Beyond her music career, Charlotte recently collaborated with the streetwear brand Filling Pieces on a clothing line under her label, KNTXT. This collaboration represents a significant step for Charlotte as she begins to curate her own unique imprint, merging her musical identity with a brand that embodies her personal style. Filling Pieces was founded in 2009 by Guillaume Philibert, with the aim of creating premium sneakers that blend streetwear with high fashion. Charlotte’s collaboration with the brand is a testament to her creativity and her willingness to explore new creative avenues beyond just music.

While the future of Printworks remains uncertain, its legacy as a groundbreaking music venue is secure. The team behind the club has left an indelible mark on the music industry, and its contribution to the cultural landscape of London will not be forgotten. As fans of the venue look towards its final season, they can rest assured that they will be treated to a series of exceptional events that will celebrate the club’s rich history and pay tribute to the incredible artists who have graced its stage over the years. Fans of De Witte’s music will no doubt remember this performance as one of the highlights of her illustrious career.

Check out some of the best shots of the night below:

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