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In Pictures: Eelke Kleijn at Thuishaven

A beautiful mix of people and good vibes.

Photo Credit: Jesse Wensing

On Saturday, February 18thEelke Kleijn returned to Amsterdam’s Thuishaven for another epic 10-hour set. Thousands of fans packed the main room to go on a musical journey full of crowd favorites like Eelke’s ‘Transmissions’ and ‘The Magician’.

We got there at 3 pm, already 2 hours into his set, as the vibe was slowly starting to build. The crowd that Eelke attracts is a beautiful mix of people of all ages, and pure good vibes. He continued to build up the energy all day and had everyone dancing up a storm. It got so sweaty that the ceilings started to rain on us, a proper sign of a good rave!

Thuishaven is one of Amsterdam’s best venues and does a lot to create a fun vibe, like bringing out Eelke’s name in balloons and popping confetti at the peak moments, it was all so much fun to be a part of. I am glad that they support long sets such as this where an artist like he  can really shine. I wish more venues would do the same.

Eelke has a lot of amazing gigs coming up so keep an eye out for your next chance to see this Dutch play it’s a guaranteed good time!

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