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Indie-pop trio daste. drops new single ‘Around’

Also announced an upcoming album scheduled for early 2025.

Photo credit: daste. – Official

Australian indie-pop trio, daste., composed of Callum MacDonald, Braxton Tahi, and Tyler Harden, has released their latest single ‘Around’. Known for their mix of R&B and soul influences, the band has also announced a new album scheduled for early 2025.

The track ‘Around’ was created during a summer 2023 writing session with their good friend Maxwell, also known as Golden Vessel and 1tbsp. The session began with a Soul/RnB sample that became the song’s foundation. From there, the band built chords and melodies around it. The song delves into the concept of a situationship, an ongoing cycle of anticipation and regret often found in unstable relationships.

“We wanted to focus on the subject of a situationship or an ex that you know isn’t the right person for you, but you can’t help going back to them. Even still, if they call you, you know you’ll answer every time. It’s a cycle of anticipation and regret as you go around and around in a seemingly never-ending cycle,” explained MacDonald.

Listen to ‘Around’ below and download your copy here.

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