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InfraDigrecords presents its latest release ‘Red Muluc’

Light IDR, Jonathan Jou and Don KX produced the original version.

Mexico-based label InfraDigrecords recently released its latest EP entitled ‘Red Muluc’, that includes one original plus two remixes.

In this occasion the imprint bosses Light IDR, Jonathan Jou, and Don KX teamed together to create the main track that is inspired by the sounds behind dub techno from Detroit, the acid house from Chicago, and late 80’s London, along with the touch from the Mexican jungle and the wild pitched-down vocals of the Mayan language.

To complete the pack two remixes were added. The first is a techno one by iconic local producer Lineas de Nazca and the second is from Signal Deluxe, a Mexican duo now based in Berlin.

InfraDigrecords is a label that basically focuses on house and techno, having as a purpose to spread not so conventional, top-notch music, in charge of a group of selected artists.

Listen to ‘Red Muluc’ EP below and grab your copy here.

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