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INIT releases ‘Wrestle’ music video animated by Marc Houle

The piece explores ‘the dissolution of an ideal nostalgia’.

The German duo INIT, consisting of Nadia D’Alò and Benedikt Frey, released their latest EP ‘Wrestle’ on March 26th through the Sound Of Berlin label and multi-channel platform. A music video is now available, which was created by fellow producer and DJ, Marc Houle.

About the video, Marc Houle explains ‘When I listened to the track, I heard some elements of the synthesizer from the early 80s. And although I had always been a bit fascinated by the vaporwave movement, sometimes it felt a bit over the top. So I thought I’d make a game on the emerging composite theme that was the death of vaporwave in my mind. I created 3 dream worlds in Blender and had the drums and voice trigger certain events. Then the fun part started when I hit the destruction phase and transformed the dreams into a kind of grim reality.’

With its creations, INIT breaks boundaries and generates its own soundscape. On their latest EP, rhythmic and hypnotic sounds meet distorted and mystical voices. The music video also has a lot to tell. Check it out below!

Get INIT’s ‘Westle’ EP here.

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