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Immerse yourself into Anomalia’s world

Expect a fantasy environment and surreal music.

Anomalia, is a series of immersive events based in London. After its first successful party, they come back with a reinterpretation of Hayao Miyazaki’s world, orchestrated through the sounds of Audiofly, BLOND:ISH, Maher Daniel, and Yacine Dessouki.

The second chapter,  to take place on March 3rd at the Steelyard London, will be based on the Japanese artist’s universe including a remarkable set up of visuals, manga decorations, and top musical lineup.

Hayao Miyazaki is a renowned film director, producer, screenwriter, animator, author, and manga artist with a body of work spanning five decades. In that time he has attained international acclaim as a masterful storyteller and as a maker of anime feature films.

Anomalia’s promoters commented, “We’re aiming to diversify the themes and do things that are a bit more abstract – instead of a party at the museum, we want to bring the museum to the party.”

After the March event they have lined-up additional parties firstly on July 7th for Chapter 3, which goes under the title of ‘The Surreal World of Salvador Dali’, then on November 24th for Chapter 4, the one year anniversary party, ‘Rising from the Ashes of Pompeii’.

For more info and tickets click here.

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