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Innervisions’ Muting The Noise adds Scatcity Records

Already Muting the Noise highlights Innervisions’ unique audio-visual universe. Its masterminds lair as all what the label carries out has a philosophy behind. Founded by Steffen Berkhahn, aka Dixon, Kristian Rädle and Frank Wiedemann of Âme in 2005, the imprint reflects a flow toward certain ideas. Particularly a Tokyo trip in 2008 showed them that apart from the outside tumult and external movement, it is also important to lower the internal volume to dive deeply into the art of combining sounds. From such experiences, Innervisions was born.

Just the fact of getting into one of those few remaining old buildings that showcases the architectures of the modernist Berlin facade, climbing its long stairs or taking its vintage birdcage elevator, helps to slow down the city bpm. Once the self beat per minute also tunes, Innervisions universe opens its doors.

More than just a studio, second living-room and distribution headquarters, Dixon and Âme’s lair also becomes a meeting point for a like-minded community once a week. Right in Kreuzberg’s heart, every Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (on special occasions until midnight), who knows how to get up to this hidden attic on top of the roof can sit on the DJ/producers leather sofas, have a drink next to a pettit bar, scan their sound kitchen or go over their vinyl shelves. Like an art gallery more than a shop, upcoming’s hang from the major leaning wall, but also shelves show all kinds of inspiring music.

A new melodic & indie pearl in-store

Some days ago was Scatcity Records turn. The melodic and indie imprint celebrated Muting The Noise as their distribution partner organizing an intimate in-store event with some label artists such as Nandu, Aaaron & Deckert and Skatman. To catch up on the store acquisition, we attended and got the full stream of their in-store session:


Cosy, very well decorated, and with an extraordinary sound system all-round the DJ booth, Muting The Noise rocked the pearls out that evening. And this is what the label head Aziz Haddad aka Skatman told us about the label: “Scatcity is an electronic music label focusing on melodic and indie house music. Following the popularization of melodic house and techno music, many artists and labels began to treat it as a trend to capitalize on rather than a genre to grow and respect.”

“Scatcity believes in the latter, and thus has an ambitious goal for the future of the scene. From the vinyl covers to the parties to the music, its mission is to reinstate integrity into melodic electronic music. Furthermore, Scatcity records are to be found at Muting The Noise, the Innervisions owned and operated record store in Berlin”.

Through the belief that art is a materialized sphere of ideas, Innervisions supports a like-minded community. These exclusivities, as well as the mass demos or street parades, turn Berlin into a city for free and creative spirits. Every minute could be the right one…

Scatcity Records: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud
Innervisions: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud
Muting The Noise: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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